Monday, July 22, 2013

Bloggers Diary - The most beautiful woman I ever met

Today, I was out grocery shopping when I heard my Name" Emeh, Emeh Achanga "! I turned around and there she was! The most beautiful girl I knew back when I was a form 6 secondary School student at Naraguta Grammer School, Jos.Words can not explain how beautiful she was. Men would line up at her apartment to see her and I mean it. I was just 15 and she took interest in me and because she lived close to me, she would send me to buy stuff for her and give me jewelry, or body lotions and stuff. I was in awe of her. She had so many rich men at her Beck and call that I had witnessed very notable married men kneeling down in tears, gifts in hand just to appease her. She would tell them to drop it on the floor and pray she has a change of heart. They would do this with gratitude and when they leave, she would laugh out so loud, and collapse on her bed and Say" Don't worry, you are a very beautiful girl and I'll teach you how to treat men. You can have the world at your feet".

I would smile and say a silent prayer, rehearsing how to tell Men" drop the money and Leave". 

I recall one day, she decided to take a walk on the streets of Jos. I wondered why. She wrapped  a black veil around her head and she slipped on her new gold Nose ring( a gift from an Alhaji), piling on Gold bracelets, 5 anklets, and smearing red lipstick, she wore a Jean and a simple white tee. We headed out. I tried to hail a taxi as usual and she stopped me, insiting we walk and it took me 2 minutes to realize why! She stopped traffic. Literally. I swear I havent witnessed such a sight unless in movies. As we walked, i saw men who had women, their wives, with them staring at this goddess with mouths agape. She would smile, it thrilled her. Then several cars would stop to give her a lift, nd she would snub them

. And we walked back home. When we got home, she went to her exotic mirror, took off her veil and started to clean her makeup. Then SHE CRIED! I was shocked at first. How could a goddess cry? No tears were meant for mortals  like me " I would later Findout" She was madly inlove with a married man and of all her men, he paid her the least attention. He was Muslim and a multimillionaire in Abuja. "He gave her conditions for marrying her. "She had to embrace Islam and she had to be a 2nd wife, with no guarantee she would be the Last". With all her beauty, style and grace. Ada said YES! She shut her life to everyone embraced Islam and was now covering her face, legs and body in black as her man desired)

2 months later, after being disowned by her wealthy Ibo family, she moved to Abuja. With just a diploma, she went off as a second wife .

That was the last time I saw her...till today

"Oh Emeh, you look so damn beautiful. Look at you. Who would have Thought". Thanks ADA, "I stammered in shock. I was as shocked as my beloved late father was, the first time she came looking for me at home. No! This time, I wasn't about her beauty , it was the fact that there was NONE. 
Her once translucent fair skin was now full of green veins, patches and she now looked darker than brown skinned me. Her well manicured finger nails now chapped, indicating a lot of biting. Her luscious dark long hair now replaced with a low cut. The lines around her eyes, now deep and an indication of severe pain and stress. for one who was a petite sized beauty, she had piled on the pounds. 

As I studied her, I noticed her blouse didn't have the same buttons.My Ada, my Goddess, was gone.
I managed to blurt out the words " you looking Good". Her reply shocked me " Emeh, im sorry about your dad's death.He was a wonderful man. All the things he said, the advice and All.." She paused " Are you Married"? " ME? No I'm not. Well, at least in church.. im Not" She smiled "

 That's why you still look this good! Usman died  3years after he married me..Well, he didn't really marry me. I was his concubine. I had 2 kids for him and when an accident claimed his life. I Wasn't prepared. I had no savings, no money and I was kicked out of one of his houses I was living in. You know I lost my dad the year he disowned me. He cut me out of his will So, i went back to square one. With little TWO kids,no job, it was pretty over. I had alienated myself from the world for 3 years, piled on the weight and here I am "

So what do you do now? "I....I'm a writer " I managed to reply with tears  welling up in my eyes.

"Just like your dad huh! If you ever want to write about me, feel free as long as you send me a cheque..(she might have lost it all, not her love for money"

As we parted ways and i watched her join a lady she said she was now squatting with, I couldn't help but wonder how easy it is for us to totally change our destinies because of the choices we make. WE choose to love, to trust, to change for others, to ignore the voice of reasoning..Was it greed or love? Does beauty fade this fast? How could a woman who was 23 in 2001 now look 50..

I was just about to save her number when my battery drained and my phone turned off. I tried to go after her but she was lost in the crowd and i spotted her and her friend getting into a Molue.It hurt, I might never see her again as I wished..bit her last words kept ringing in my ear
"Emeh, forget everything I ever tried to teach You" With that beautiful thought, I smiled and resumed shopping " Atleast she never thought me how to Love" 
That I would someday try....

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  1. This is so sad! But u're right on one thing Emeh. Yes WE choose our life paths and the choices we make can either make us or break us. However, as long as we're alive, God's given us the possibility of backtracking and rectifying our mistakes. If she decides to, she can become again the girl she was before. Life can be hard on us sometimes but in the final long as there's breath in us...there's hope!